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Cancellation Policy

As of now we do not provide any option for non-utilization of services for which you have made payment or subscribed. Once you have selected portion to access and made payment, we cannot provide any refund, either totally or partially. We suggest that first you go through the demos and/or free to use contents/products/services before you pay / subscribe from our site,

Refund in case of failed transactions

Though Epathshala’s payment reconciliation team works on a Daily basis except holidays, there are other organizations involved in processing of online transactions, which could result in delays in credit of refunds to customer account. Usually credit towards failed transaction will be made within 15 / 20 working days.

Refund in case of Duplication in Payment

Similar to clause as mentioned under ‘Refund towards Failed Transaction’, our payment reconciliation team will be monitoring continuously regarding receipt of payments and on observing case of duplicate payment for same services (package) if it is noticed that payment is made twice, one payment will be credited back to the same account from which payment is made within 15/20 working days.